Lou Robinson
Graphic Designer




Cult of less

The brief was the rebrand The Cult of Less so that it can attract more people to it as well as creating an online portal of information. The Cult of Less was started by Kelly Sutton and his aim was to live his life with as few belongings as he possibly could. Using technology and by stripping out unneeded items, he wanted to live a much simpler life with less of an environmental, consumer impact on the world.


Project type: University brief.

Category: Branding, Identity, Print, Web.

Website: Coming soon!

Cult of Less
Cult of Less

The App   ↑

The app works to allow people to sell, trade or donate their items whilst on the move or without a computer or laptop.

The Website   ↕

My website acts as a social network for members of The Cult of Less to use as a means of selling, trading or donating their items to other members or local and national charities. The site also incorporates profiles, twitter-esque news feeds, information and guidance on living The Cult of Less and general related news.

Cult of Less
Cult of Less
Cult of Less
Cult of Less