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Netflix Viewing History

I have been learning R for a while now, mainly for producing graphics, but I am interested in data analysis too, so I decided to take a look at my Netflix viewing data. It was a good challenge to set myself to work through the data and learn something about my viewing habits.

All data analysis and graphics were produced in R using ggplot2.

Started off just counting and plotting all of the data per day. Now that’s quite a lot of Netflix, with a personal best of 26 episodes/films in a day. I have a feeling this is The US Office…

Then I started looking at the patterns that might appear from when I watch, breaking it down into days, months and years. Weekday viewing is quite flat but increases at weekends.

Monthly isn't very interesting, but my viewing over the years has changed quite a bit. Peaking in 2016, at over 300 episodes in a year.

Then I looked at my average episodes watched a day, which had stayed quite steady over the years, though this year I’ve not been watching as much on Fridays than in previous years. Not sure what was happening on a Tuesday in 2013, but there was obviously something good on tv.

It’ll be no surprise to anyone that knows me, that The US Office is top of the list, which is impressive as it was taken off UK Netflix in 2015.