Lou Robinson
Graphic Designer




Reading & Leeds

The brief set was to produce a campaign to keep customer loyalty at Ready and Leeds festival. The project focuses on the stories that we get from music festivals and reflecting on how much people enjoyed previous years. The campaign consists of three parts:


Project type: YCN competition brief

Category: Branding, Identity, Print, Web.

Website: Coming soon!

Reading and Leeds
Reading and Leeds

The Brand   ↑

The brand uses a simple flag alongside the current logo to create a subtle sub-brand.

Pop up festival   ↑

An urban pop-up festival that appears in city centres to further collect stories and tales from Reading and Leeds whilst creating an environment that they can relax in and reflect on previous years and learn about the upcoming festival.

Reading and Leeds
Reading and Leeds
Reading and Leeds
Reading and Leeds

Posters   ↑

The posters serve a dual purpose; advertising the event and limited edition screenprinted posters. Using the tagline “Don’t just listen...” the posters draw people in by offering them an oppurtunity that they will really want. They will also be given away with each relevant purchases. So if a customer purchases a book the accompanying poster would say “Dont just listen...read the influence behind Feel to Follow.”